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Instantly Relevant is here to serve up nonstop relevance for you, your brand, and your customers with a side of humor and pizzazz.

We’re passionately devoted to making you (the spirited founders, zealous entrepreneurs, and trailblazing startups) wildly successful by earning trust in your market, crafting relevance with your prospects, and nurturing long-term loyal customers.

At Instantly Relevant, we treasure honesty, integrity, creativity, commitment, humor, and diversity in our hiring process, technology partnerships, and our unyielding drive to serve our customers with flair.

Our recipe for success includes building trust through character and integrity, concocting relevance through the customer’s voice, and retaining customers by, well… genuinely caring about you.

Nonstop Lead Generation with Holistic Relevant Marketing for Founders, Entrepreneurs, Startups, and the Brands They Build

Thomas Helfrich, the CEO, and Founder of, is our fearless leader with over 20 years of experience in consulting, marketing, and entrepreneurial executive coaching. He has mentored hundreds of startup founders worldwide, spreading his magic touch.

As a LinkedIn influencer, international public speaker, podcast host, and social media figure with over 250k followers, Thomas is a recognized thought leader in the realms of entrepreneurship, AI, and business leadership.

So buckle up and join us on this wild ride to success, where we’ve got your back and actually give a sh!t! 

Kaito Gino-Gino

Kaito Gino-Gino

Operations Dragon

Get ready to meet Kaito, the Operations Dragon at Instantly Relevant! When Kaito isn't busy running their content and engagement operations, he enjoys extreme sports, tattoos, video games, and anime with his trusty sidekick, Bimo the golden retriever, who is always ready for an adventure. With Kaito leading the way, their team is unstoppable—just like the Millennium Falcon! So buckle up and get ready for an intergalactic ride like no other. It's an adventure you don't want to miss!

Zyrah Estacio

Zyrah Estacio

Graphic Purrfectionist

Meowdy! Meet Zee, a self-proclaimed cat lady (minus the whole "crazy" thing, she promises!). As a graphic purrfectionist, she's spent the past five years honing her craft. Zee may add a dash of sugar, a sprinkle of spice, and everything nice, but most importantly, she'll make sure your graphics are tailored to your taste and presented flawlessly. Whether you need them to look sleek and professional or fun and quirky, she's got you covered!

Hannah Revillame

Hannah Revillame

Video Maestro

Meet Hannah Revillame, the young and adorable video editor extraordinaire at Instantly Relevant! She may have studied aeronautical engineering, but her heart truly belongs to video editing. Hannah's fascination with airplanes may take off, but her passion for vlogging and editing videos always brings her back down to Earth. While she can be a bit quiet at times, her edits speak volumes about her talent and skill. Whether you need a funny montage or a heartwarming tribute, she'll turn your raw footage into a masterpiece. So sit back, relax, and let Hannah take your video to new heights!

Vivien Lopez

Content Whisperer

Vivien is the Content Whisperer at Instantly Relevant. Her first attempt at writing was a short horror-fantasy story about a little girl who befriended a mango tree. Today, she leads her talented team of wordsmiths to terrify YOUR competitors if you leave your content to us. Let us know what you need—we have your back!

Lindsay Eke

Lindsay Eke

Content Maestro

Meet Lindsay E. Eke, the Content Maestro from Imo State, South Eastern Nigeria, and a graduate of Project Management Technology, FUTO. He is a content writer, content marketer and ghostwriter, passionate about playing with words to help his clients and partners instantly achieve all their relevant goals with their content marketing. Lindsay has ghostwritten articles for clients on platforms such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, LinkedIn etc. Fun facts: He enjoys cooking and listening to rock & country music just as much as he enjoys writing.

Chris Mesa

Chris Mesa

Chief Technology Maverick

Meet Chris, our Chief Technology Maverick. You want Chris to be your wingman, he beats Goose any day! A true thought partner and problem solver, Sudoku and Rubik cubes are what Chris eats for breakfast. Our full stack thinker and behind the scenes code maverick, Chris brings experience and his competitive drive as an endurance sport athlete to tackle any project.